Get organized in 3 Easy Steps

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The new year brings a great time to organize.  You can use the steps below to organize any area, from your desk at work, to your blogging space at home, your closet, your purse, anything…

  1. Toss it.  Throw away anything you haven’t used in the last six months.  Don’t keep anything “just in case” you need it.  If you’re hesitant about wasting things, bag up anything worth keeping and give it to charity.
  2. Clean it.  Move everything you want to keep out of the way and clean up the space.  Remove any dust, dirt, stains, or debris, until the entire area is fresh and clean.
  3. Put it back neatly.  Put everything that you chose to keep back in a nice and neat pile.  If you have trouble staying organized, you can buy crates, containers, bins, cups, etc. to put your things in.  You’d be surprised at how easier it is to stay organized when things are in baskets or bins instead of just sitting there.

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