There’s a Brush For That

Here’s a breakdown on eight brushes every woman needs in her makeup bag and why:

  1. Blender Brush. If you can only afford to have one “brush” in your arsenal, this would be the one to buy.  It blends concealer, cream and liquid foundations.  The pointy edge helps you get foundation in the creases of your eyes and nose, as well as around your hairline, providing a smooth, flawless application.
  2. Kabuki Brush.  Kabuki brushes are good for bronzers, blushes, and shimmers, especially when applying them to your shoulders, chest and neck for a beautiful, natural glow.
  3. Powder Brush.  Use this brush to apply  loose or compact powder.  Powder brushes are great for sealing in makeup and controlling shine.  While I prefer compact powder, if you choose loose powder, be sure to shake off the powder brush to avoid “spillage.”
  4. Fan Brush. I love fan brushes.  I like to use them at the end of my makeup routine when I’m going out on special occasions and I want to use a little highlighter.
  5. Contour Brush. I suck at contouring, but I do use a contour brush to highlight my cheekbones and I run a swipe down my nose. It makes a big difference.
  6. Concealer Brush.  These brushes are good to use when applying concealer because it allows the concealer to go on smoothly and actually cover the blemishes and dark spots.  I find that when I use a makeup sponge or my fingers to blend in concealer, it just doesn’t cover as well.
  7. Dome Shadow Brush.  I’m not really into wearing eye shadow, but when I do, I have to use a real brush and not those little eye shadow brushes that come with plastic handles.  If you’re serious about your eye shadow, you’ve got to get the right brush, and this is it.
  8. Angled Liner Brush. This is my go-to brush for filling in my brows.  I like to use a dark eyebrow powder and an angled brush to fill in my brows and give them that “on fleek” look.

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