On Younger Guys


I have always been the type of girl that liked dating older guys.  I used to feel like I had more in common with older guys.

They were more mature.

They were more stable and ready to settle down.

They were more goal-oriented and gave good conversation.

For the longest time, I would discriminate against guys that were younger than me.  For me, it was always the older, the better.

That is, until I met my husband.

See, he’s six years younger than me.  

He’s a “baby.”

And I like that.

I like the fact that he’s young and carefree.  Full of energy (if you know what I mean).  Willing to let me be me.  Values my opinion.

With older guys, they always felt like they knew more than me.  They always felt the need to give me advice…guide me.  And while I appreciated the support and advice, I like that now my point of view is heard and that now I have a voice in my relationship.

I love his youthful energy and innocence.  I love the way he watches Love and Hip Hop with me, and shows me stupid memes on Instagram and doesn’t give me grief about how much weave and makeup I wear.

I can’t speak for all younger men, but I know that I’m enjoying being married to a younger man.


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