5 Quick Fixes for a Bad Hair Day


Hair not cooperating?

Need a quick fix to get it under control?

Try one of these quick fixes:

  1. French Braid-Brush your hair back and put it in a tight French braid.  It takes less than five minutes from start-to-finish and is an easy fix for a bad hair day.
  2. Messy Bun-Messy buns are an easy way to control a bad hair day because a messy bun is supposed to be…well, messy.  Brush all of your hair up, spray with a holding spray and tie it up in a cute, messy bun.
  3. Ponytail-The tried-and-true quick fix to any bad hair day is the ponytail.  But, not just any ponytail.  If you’re going to fix your bad hair day, then, do it the right way.  Spray a firm holding spray all over your hair straight back.  Pull hair into a tight, low ponytail and secure with a hair tie.  Take care of any wisps of loose hair with hair spray and gel.
  4. Hat- Hats are good for times when you only have a few minutes and your hair is saying no to a braid, bun, and ponytail.  Pull your hair together and stuff it under a cute snapback and go.
  5. Hair Scarf- If you’re not the hat type of girl, you can always get your Badu on with a beautiful head scarf or head wrap.  It’s an easy way to hide a bad hair day while still looking regal and chic.

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