Three Things You’re Paying Way Too Much For


With a new year comes a renewed desire to save money.  But, these three things could be costing you a lot more than they should:

  1. Cell Phone Bill.  It’s a known fact that cell phone companies love to overcharge their customers.  They tack on various fees and charges, and while a dollar or two here or there doesn’t seem like a big deal, those few bucks add up over time.  Not to mention if you’re not on an unlimited data plan.  You could be potentially paying an extra $15 for every 1GB you use over your limit.  These companies pride themselves in having their customers go paperless and they hope that we’ll just pay the bill every month and not gripe about how much it costs.  But, if you’re paying more than $99-$150 a month (for at least two lines) then you’re paying too much.  Go online and take a look at your bill.  Then, call the phone company and see if you’re on the best plan for your usage.  Most companies are usually willing to work with you in order to keep you as a customer.  If not, there are plenty of companies that are wiling to buy you out of your current contract.  If you’re really interested in saving money, look into prepaid plans.  T-mobile has prepaid plans as low as $50/month.  Of course, you’ll have to be more cautious of your data usage, but you could end up saving thousands a year!
  2. Cable or Satellite.  The same principles above hold true for cable and satellite companies as well.  They will try and nickle and dime you for everything you’ve got.  The great thing is, with more smart TVs, the Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, and more, you’re now not just limited to cable or satellite.  As long as you have WIFI, you can stream all of your favorite movies and TV shows.  Imagine going from paying well over a hundred bucks a month to about twenty or thirty bucks for WIFI only. You could even bundle your WIFI through your cell phone provider and save even more!
  3. Monthly subscriptions.  Stop paying for monthly subscriptions you don’t use.  If you don’t watch Netflix on a consistent basis, then stop paying that eight dollars a month for it.  The same goes for HBO Now, Hulu+, etc.  Not using those samples from your monthly Birchbox subscription?  Cancel it and go the old-school route of getting free samples at Sephora and the makeup counters at the department store.  When you add everything  up, you may find that you’re spending almost $100 a month on subscriptions.

In the end, by downgrading in these three areas, you could potentially save thousands of dollars a year.  That means that the vacation you’ve been wanting to go on is within reach.  Or that you can now afford that new wardrobe, or to pay off your credit card, and invest that money to make more money.  The possibilities are endless.


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