On Being a Queen


I am a queen.

The queen of my world.

And as a queen, I carry myself like royalty.  It shows in the way I dress, the way I act, the way I speak, and the way I live my life.

Queens remain unbothered by outside situations that they cannot control.  Queens remain unphased by the attitudes and/or problems of others.  Queens do not lose their tempers, either in public or in private.  Queens think before the speak.  They realize that every decision they make must be calculated and they weigh the risks prior to making any decision.  Queens raise their princes and princesses to follow these same principles.  Queens defer to their Kings and understand that submission isn’t a sign of weakness but a sign of maturity and wisdom.

Queens manage to take care of all of their responsibilities while still accomplishing their dreams and taking care of their needs.  Queens don’t see themselves as above others, so they are humble in the things they do and say.  They are not afraid of letting others have their way because they understand the importance of letting others win the battle so that they can win the war.

Queens listen more and talk less.  Queens show self-control in all situations and never find themselves linked to words such as ratchet, conceited, ghetto, thotish, uneducated, immature, emotional, etc.  Queens know how to make money while still keeping money in its proper place.  Queens understand that relationships mean more than possessions.

Queens get depressed, sad, overwhelmed, stressed, overworked, burdened, and pushed to the limit…just like any other woman.  The only difference is that when a queen is faced with obstacles, she cries in private, wipes her tears, adjusts her invisible crown, and keeps it moving.


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