One Thing You Can Do Now to Make You Rich


While winning the Powerball or getting that well-deserved raise is wishful thinking, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than hitting the jackpot and your boss will probably never pay you what you’re worth.

So, besides robbing a bank, what can you do now to get you one step closer to where you want to be?


Yep.  That’s where the secret lies.  If you ever watch Shark Tank, listen to building wealth podcasts, or have Rich Dad Poor Dad, then you know that the difference between the wealthy and those of us that are continuing to leave from paycheck to paycheck is that they invest their money.  As opposed to putting it into the bank or a savings account that barely yields interest, they take a portion of their earnings and they let that money make money.

But, keep in mind, investing is not for the impatient or weak at heart.  When you’re investing money, you have to think long-term.  You have to understand that it will take a while to make that money grow, and that sometimes it will decrease and sometimes it will increase…that’s just the way the stock market goes.

If you’re new to investing and you don’t know where to start, there’s a great app called “Acorns” that can get you started.  It allows you to invest small amounts of money from your bank account (as low as $5).  Here’s how it works.  Every time you make a purchase, you can opt to have the “change” transferred to your Acorns account.  So, let’s say you buy that salted caramel latte for $4.55.  Acorns rounds the cost up to $5 and takes that forty-five cents and invests into a diverse portfolio.

This type of “investing” is really good for those of us that are new to this whole investing thing, who can’t afford a financial adviser, and who only want to invest a little a time right now.  I’ve noticed that my investments have gone up and down and up and down, which isn’t surprising.  However, I have earned about $1.13 within the last six months with only a $75 investment, which is more than I would have earned with this money in a savings account.

Eventually, I will step up to real investing in the big leagues, but for now, this gives me a chance to see the ups and downs of the stock market, and to still feel good about investing without taking a financial risk that I can’t afford right now.


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