I’d like to think that my blog is appropriate. I’d like to think that everything I write is socially acceptable.   I’m a grown, thirty-something woman that writes posts for other grown women.

I’m married and I’m a mom, so I write about sex and marriage and motherhood.  I’m a career woman, I’m a writer, and I’m an entrepreneur, so I write about building wealth and money manifesting.  I’m a woman, so I write about hair and makeup and fashion and all the things that women love.

I work hard to make sure that what I write is unoffensive for my audience.  I don’t curse.  I don’t promote immoral behavior.  While I keep it honest and real, I also work to stay true to who I am and what I believe in.

With that being said…I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my…

I censor myself so that others don’t have to.

Most importantly, I live by the adage that if you don’t like what I write, you don’t have to read it.

I’ve spent so many years afraid of writing because I knew that I would be judged by my words.  The doubt, the criticism, the hate, the, “you shouldn’t be writing this.”  I’ve heard it so many times before.  And every single time I’ve let it stop me.  But not this time.  This time I’ve been writing and blogging and staying true to what I write.

Oh…what I write hurts your feelings?

Well, too bad they don’t make Band-aids for feelings.  #dabbingonem


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