How to Look Like You’re Not Wearing Makeup When You Really Are


The true purpose of makeup is to enhance your beauty without overpowering it.  With that being said, the best look is the natural look.  But, what should you do if your skin is acne-prone, scarred, or just not that #flawless without a little coverage?

Try following the steps below for the most natural look ever.  You’ll be wearing makeup, but no will know.

  1. Go light on the foundation, concealer, powder, etc.  The plan is to cover your blemishes without completely loading your face down with makeup.  The best way to do this would be to use a concealer on any blemishes and dark marks.  Apply one thin coat, allow to dry, apply another coat, allow to dry, and apply one more coat.  Building concealer in this way keeps you from needing to use a full-coverage foundation.  Lightly dust your face with powder or highlighter to set your concealer.  If you’re looking for something super light, try taking a drop or two of your liquid foundation, blending it with your moisturizer and rubbing it in all over your face.  You can pinch your cheeks or add a little blush to give yourself that flushed look.
  2. Give it a natural eye. Overdoing your eyes goes against the natural look we’re trying to achieve.  So, go light on the liner, and focus your attention on using several coats of mascara instead to make your eyes pop.  No eye shadow or liquid liner should be used in this natural look. Think, one light line of liner to your bottom lid and mascara times ten.  Keep your brows natural by using a dry mascara wand to brush them into place.  Fill in any sparse brows with a little powder (again, keep it light).
  3. All nude everything.  Remember, the point of this look is for you to look like you’re not wearing makeup.  That means no lipstick, eye shadow, excessive blush, heavy foundation, bronzer, etc.  So, to finish your look, use a clear lip balm on your lips.  Nothing says, “I’m not wearing makeup” like a nude lip.



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