Who’s Really Winning?

This is a rant. After scrolling through Instagram while waiting for 'Empire' to come on, I couldn't help but notice the plethora of posts about women sharing men.  For example, Fetty Wapp is dating Alexis Sky, however, he just had a baby with Masika Kalysha.  Amina Buddafly is posting pictures of her growing baby bump [...]

The Price of Fame?

Prior to yesterday, a lot of people didn't even know her name.  Sure, her Instagram page was certified.  Sure, she had a 1.8m followers.  Sure, she was rumored to be dating PND and then Kyrie Irving.  Sure, she was in a group called Poplyfe that came in 4th place on America's Got Talent Season Six. [...]

5 of the Sweetest Things a Guy Can Do!

It's true that the best things in life are free.  While gifts like flowers, jewelry, handbags, clothes, shoes...I could go on...are amazingly wonderful, sometimes it's those little free things that mean the most. Here are our top 5 things a guy can do (and they don't cost a thing): Hold her hand.  This is such [...]

You Mad Bruh?

It's funny how people spend their time worrying about you.  Looking at your social media accounts.  Reading old blog posts.  Feeling some sort of way...when they were the ones who came for you first. Shots were fired. Instead of being a man about it you had your girl doing your dirty work. It's not my [...]