Procreation for Recreation?

Maybe it's a NY thing. Maybe not. I once dated a guy from Manhattan who had seven kids and counting.  He honestly told me that his goal was to spread his "seeds" all around the world.  It was his reason for living.  To have as many babies as possible.  I'm thankful that I didn't become... Continue Reading →


Who’s Really Winning?

This is a rant. After scrolling through Instagram while waiting for 'Empire' to come on, I couldn't help but notice the plethora of posts about women sharing men.  For example, Fetty Wapp is dating Alexis Sky, however, he just had a baby with Masika Kalysha.  Amina Buddafly is posting pictures of her growing baby bump... Continue Reading →

Lash and Brow Drama

Want amazing lashes and brows to kill for? Step 1.  Take your time.  Brows and lashes that look runway ready take a while, so give yourself about 10-15 extra minutes and get them done first. Step 2.  Prime your lashes using eyeshadow primer.  It helps tame them and helps your filler stay in place all... Continue Reading →

Luxe Life for All

Who is this blog for? Everyone.  Every woman. The color of our skin is a barrier.   A barrier to who we are really.  Because, really, we are all just the same underneath our skin.  We all like comfort food, playing in makeup, getting our hair done, wearing cute clothes, gossiping... We are all the... Continue Reading →

The Power of Writing It All Down

In an age where everything is digital, there are an endless array of journaling apps.  You could also choose to journal directly on your iPhone, Galaxy, Macbook, laptop, PC, or other electronic device. But, research has shown that there is true therapeutic relief in putting pen to paper.  In a study, college students were asked... Continue Reading →

The Price of Fame?

Prior to yesterday, a lot of people didn't even know her name.  Sure, her Instagram page was certified.  Sure, she had a 1.8m followers.  Sure, she was rumored to be dating PND and then Kyrie Irving.  Sure, she was in a group called Poplyfe that came in 4th place on America's Got Talent Season Six.... Continue Reading →

5 of the Sweetest Things a Guy Can Do!

It's true that the best things in life are free.  While gifts like flowers, jewelry, handbags, clothes, shoes...I could go on...are amazingly wonderful, sometimes it's those little free things that mean the most. Here are our top 5 things a guy can do (and they don't cost a thing): Hold her hand.  This is such... Continue Reading →

When Sleep is Your Only Solace

  There are times when life is so hectic...insane...miserable...unbearable, that the only time you find relief is when you are sleeping.  It's that moment, just before you go to bed, that is the moment of pure bliss. You anticipate how great sleep will feel. You put your hair up, wash your face, brush your teeth.... Continue Reading →

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