The Power of Writing It All Down


In an age where everything is digital, there are an endless array of journaling apps.  You could also choose to journal directly on your iPhone, Galaxy, Macbook, laptop, PC, or other electronic device.

But, research has shown that there is true therapeutic relief in putting pen to paper.  In a study, college students were asked to take notes using either a computer or pencil and paper.  The study found that the students that took notes using a computer wrote everything verbatim and scored worse when tested on the information, which proves that they did not understand it on a cognitive level.

However, using pen and paper allowed students to generate more ideas when composing thoughts by hand.  Although it took longer, the connection between hand to brain actually stimulated new areas in the brain and allowed for more creativity.

So, when you are journaling your thoughts, ideas, inner most secrets, take the time to do it by hand because you’ll get so much more from it.


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