The Price of Fame?


Prior to yesterday, a lot of people didn’t even know her name.  Sure, her Instagram page was certified.  Sure, she had a 1.8m followers.  Sure, she was rumored to be dating PND and then Kyrie Irving.  Sure, she was in a group called Poplyfe that came in 4th place on America’s Got Talent Season Six.

Sure, all of those things were true.

But, I’d venture to say that most people didn’t even know her name or how to pronounce it.  And most people couldn’t name one of her songs.  Probably still can’t.

However, PND posts a picture of them together in bed on Instagram and suddenly she’s labeled a slut, a whore, a cheater, a thot, a no-talent having skank that should just go kill herself.  People spewed venom at her, a women they didn’t even know.  People made memes about her, about her relationship.  People made assumptions.  Gossip blogs went crazy with the rumors, as they are known to do, and added fuel to the fire.  Thanks, The Shade Room.

And sure, just like everyone else, I looked at the memes.  I laughed at a few of them.  I even tagged my husband in one.

But, unlike everyone else, I had heard of her prior to the Instagram incident.  I frequently listen to her music (her entire album is on my “Best Playlist Ever” playlist).  Also, unlike other people, I didn’t make negative comments about her.


Because I don’t know her.  Sure, she may be on TV, on the radio, on social media, but I don’t know her personally.  I’m highly unqualified to make judgements about her personal life, especially based on a few pictures that I know nothing about. For all I know, those pictures could have been taken months ago.  Years ago.

And even if they were taken yesterday, or the day before, and even if she was cheating, and even if it was with PND, how is that any of my business?  How is that any of anyone’s business?

Because she’s famous?

Is that the new price of fame?

Tara Wallace posts a picture of herself with her new baby and that gives the public a license to comment…(the words below were taken directly from her page):

“She’s scum.  He married Amina, as stupid as she is.”

“Karma will even come back to your kids.”

Lebron James posts video of his son playing basketball.

“Look at the defense he’s playing against, this aint no next Lebron.”

“He travels just like you Lebron.”

Kehlani posts a picture of herself in the hospital after trying to take her own life.

“Why is she posting about something this serious?? from her “death bed”?? it’s sick what people will do for likes.”

“uh uhhhh if she don’t stop lol.”

“She needs to stay off social media if she was going to commit suicide over that situation.”


Reading comments sometimes is what leaves me speechless.  I mean, at what point is something none of our business?  Even when it’s posted?  Everything that’s posted doesn’t require a comment.  And that’s the problem with the world we live in today.  Everyone feels like their comments or opinions matter.  If social media sites started charging membership fees, half of these heartless trolls wouldn’t be able to afford it.  And if they started charging by the letter, people would think before they spoke.  Contrary to popular opinion, words hurt.  Even words from people you don’t even know.  Especially words from people you don’t even know, because you can’t seem to wrap your mind around where the hate is coming from.

I’m not surprised that the words of thoughtless people sent a 20-year-old young woman to the hospital.  Words have caused far less popular people to commit suicide.  Words are the things we can use to either build up, or tear down.   It seems that people enjoy tearing down these days a lot more than building up.

Some people say that celebrities do these things to garner more fame…more followers…more attention.  Maybe so.

Some would say that this is the price of fame.  That they get millions of dollars so they should just suck it.  Maybe so.

Some would say that if you don’t want people in your business, then don’t put it out there.  People can’t talk about what they can’t see.  Maybe so.

All of these things could be true.  But, in the end, do any of those things really matter?

“Social media is the devil.  Go outside and play, you have your own lives to live that don’t revolve around “celebrities” or “socialites” who are simply trying to live lives just like you.”  -Kehlani 



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