Procreation for Recreation?


Maybe it’s a NY thing.

Maybe not.

I once dated a guy from Manhattan who had seven kids and counting.  He honestly told me that his goal was to spread his “seeds” all around the world.  It was his reason for living.  To have as many babies as possible.  I’m thankful that I didn’t become another womb to impregnate, but it did make me think about men and how they view the world.  Leaving behind progeny for progeny’s sake.

My father’s father (not calling him my grandfather because I never knew the man) had lots of kids by lots of different women, but never stuck around to raise any of them.

So, this idea is pretty common.

But, one case in particular has my attention.  Peter Pankey a.k.a. Peter Gunz.  And it’s not because I was a huge fan of his one-hit  “Uptown Baby.”  And it’s not because I think he’s cute (he’s not, really) or because I think he deserves the attention (he doesn’t, really).

It’s more or less because he fascinates me.  Here’s this man with an immense amount of talent as a musician, producer, songwriter.  Here’s this man that could have been a world-famous producer as opposed to a one-hit wonder.  Here’s a man with a lot of talent, yet everything he owns fits neatly inside a duffel bag (or a trash bag, depending on the episode).  And we’ve been watching him carry this duffle bag back and forth between women season after season.

And I sit and watch and wonder what makes women fall in love with him.  Why him?

Then, I read what he posted under a picture of Tara Wallace on Instagram when she first announced her pregnancy, “I gave the world ammunition to shoot at a queen, and although my apologies may never suffice, I hope that when the doctor lays gunner on your chest he will erase every ugly evil thing said that may have pierced your skin…”

It was when I read these words that I understood.  It was my aha moment!  His tongue is made of gold, and any man that can tell you what you want to hear is worth more than a million men that can actually put actions behind those words.  Silly, but true.

So, the real question is, how many women has he mesmerized with those words?  Just how many “seeds” has Peter Pankey, 49, planted.

Based on my research, 10!

First, the oldest is Peter Cory Pankey Jr. also known as the rapper, Cory Gunz, 28.


He also has a daughter, Whitney, 24, who was featured in a few episodes of LHHNY this season.


Then, there’s Kennedi, 16.  Her mother is Erika.   He also has another daughter by Erika, Phoenix, 10.


Then, there’s Brandon, 15.  His mother is Gina.

His children with Tara Wallace, three boys, are Jamison, 8, Kaz, 6, and one-month old, Gunner.


Then, there’s his wife, Amina Budafly, whom he has one daughter with, Cori, 1, and is expecting another daughter, Bronx, later this year.


According to the Season Finale of LHHNY, Peter reportedly had a vasectomy, so, it seems that he will be stopping at 10 (although these procedures can be reversed).

One thing that can’t be denied is that he does make beautiful children!   But, one must ask themselves, at one point does it become more important to only have as many children as you can afford to raise and nurture?  At what point do children stop being progeny and start becoming pawns, points to be made, ammunition for social media posts, etc.

In the end, I feel terrible for the children.

Remember the Duggars?  They had 17 kids and counting.  They said that it was good for their children and that making an appointment to see your parents wasn’t damaging to their children.  Then, it came out that their oldest son sexually molested young girls, including some of his sisters.  I’m guessing they missed a few appointments with him.   Just saying.  That probably wouldn’t have happened if they had stopped at 3.

Just a thought.



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