Ten Reasons I Can’t Stand Chris Brown


10. He made an album with his daughter on the cover and named it after her, but all of the songs are about sex and womanizing.  I don’t see the connection.

9. He’s a Black man that was raised by a Black woman and is raising a Black girl to become a Black woman, but he treats Black women (all women) like trash.   Verbal abuse is still abuse, it just means that this time your punching with your words instead of your fists.

8. He has been publicly accused of domestic violence, has plead guilty to doing it, but still doesn’t understand the problem with it, hence his continued mistreatment of women.

7. He feels the need to #clapback on people he doesn’t even know, criticizing them for exploiting social media for likes while he does the exact same thing.  When you’re throwing shade at someone old enough to be your mother, you’re a loser (like seriously).

6. There’s only a matter of time before he falls back down the rabbit hole and then he’ll be begging for support and understanding from the same people he’s alienated.

5. He cheats on his girl, gets another girl pregnant, pops up with a child, and then blames her for leaving him.  And his fans have the audacity to say that she should be thanking him for making her famous and giving her relevance.  Really?  How would that speech go?  “Thank you Chris, for breaking my heart, cheating on me, having a baby on me, and ruining my view of men.  I’m going to forever have trust issues because of you.  But, thanks for making me famous.   Thank you for pulling me up from the gutter and for allowing me to have fame by being a social media punchline.  And thank you for continuing to write songs about me and argue with me in public so that people will continue to keep us linked.  You’re so sweet.  I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t come along.  Lord knows, I’m so ugly and dumb that you’re the only man that would have ever looked at me.  Thank you Chris!”  By the way, Karruche’s net worth was $150k in 2013, prior to her dating Chris, just so you know.

4. He runs through women faster than underwear, yet, still has female fans clamoring to be around him.  He has radio stations playing his music that sounds a lot like nonconsensual sex.  I mean, sleeping with women when they’re halfway awake…yeah…sounds a little Bill Cosby-ish.

3. He ruined his natural good looks with piercings, tattoos, and blond hair.  Imagine how sexy an older Chris Brown would have been if he hadn’t altered himself?   A girl can dream.

2. He actually thinks his hard.  I mean, hitting a woman, making fun of suicide, being a womanizer and a sexist pig, fighting other R&B singers…yeah, none of those things give you street cred.  Don’t forget, we still remember when you were “Running It” and telling girls “Yo, excuse me Miss.”  What happened?

1.He thinks that suicide is a “ploy” to get attention.  As someone who has contemplated suicide, being in a place that dark and hopeless isn’t a joke.  It’s sad.  Millions of people feel the exact same way Khelani did.  According to the CDC, in 2014, there were 42,773 deaths by suicide in the United States. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death; homicide ranks 17th.  It is the second leading cause of death for 15 – 24 year olds.  It’s not a joke.  You are!




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