You Have to Jump Sweetheart.

I was talking to a colleague about career decisions.  We have worked in the same place for over five years together, and we have seen a lot of people come and go over the years.  We've seen a lot of changes.  We've been a part of a lot of rebranding, rebuilding, and remodeling.  And while... Continue Reading →


What Sky Taught Us

My sister-in-law affectionately refers to VH1 on Monday night as "Ratchet Mondays."  I love it, because it's so true.   We know that it's going to be ratchet television. We know that Black women are going to argue, fight, be half-naked, talk about each other behind their backs, get cheated on, hit a man for... Continue Reading →

my mother’s poems

I have been inspired by "Lemonade."  While the visual album brought about a flood of emotions and creative energy, it was the poetry of Warsan Shire that blew me away.  It took me back to my first love...the spoken word. So, I am currently working on a project.  It will be a book and a... Continue Reading →

Resolve To Be Your Best Self

Most people began 2016 with the best of intentions. Lose weight. Workout more. Eat out less. Get a new job. Learn a new language. Find a man...woman...or improve your current relationship. Make more money. Save more money. Work smarter, not harder. We all begin the year saying that (insert year here) will be our year. We... Continue Reading →

What Prince Taught Us

The iconic Prince. Besides being an extremely talented musician, humanitarian, and philanthropist, Prince did something else for the world. He made everyone feel okay about being themselves. In a world where cookie-cutter people come by the dozen and every person looks like the other, talks like the other, acts like the other... Prince was the... Continue Reading →

Softer Lips in less than a minute

Want baby soft lips? Here's a quick, inexpensive, one minute way to get those kissable lips you've always wanted. First, begin by wetting your lips.  Then, gently rub a wet toothbrush over your lips in a circular motion, working to rid your lips of any dead skin.  If your lips are extra chapped, you can also... Continue Reading →

My New Favorite Nail Trend

It's taken a while for me to come around, but, I must admit, I'm loving stiletto nails. I've had a few bad experiences with nail technicians that claimed they new how to do "pointed" nails, but couldn't.  However, I'm glad I didn't let those bad experiences affect me. I've finally found a stiletto look that... Continue Reading →

Vegan Dreams

I have this intense desire to go vegan.  I always have.  I was vegan for about six months in college.  I've always wanted to go back.  Something inside keeps pulling me back to these healing foods. To cut out all meat, dairy, starches, etc. from my diet, and to eat natural, organic fruits, vegetables and... Continue Reading →

My 5-Minute Workout Pledge

I am always on the fence when it comes to working out.  I know that it has so many benefits.  It provides cardiovascular health, builds endurance and flexibility, and allows endorphins to be released for hours after the workout.  It also burns calories, helps to rid the body of stored fat, makes you sleep better,... Continue Reading →

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