Everyone is in the business of making money, and we’re always for a woman that’s focused on building her brand.  So, is it any wonder that Amber Rose jumped on the emoji bandwagon after the success of Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji?

While we opted not to try Kimoji, we did download Muvamoji the day it came out in the App store.  Why?  Because we like Muva, that’s why.  Her expressions give us life, and we don’t mind spending two bucks to freely express ourselves.

It seems like a lot of other people feel the same way we do.  To date, Rose has made $4 million dollars in sales of the app.

So, what do we think of the App.  Well, for what it is, it’s cute.  It allows us to send “emojis” while texting.  These emojis can be resized.  There are a variety of emojis that allow us to express ourselves, like the ones shown below.

Are there any drawbacks?  Of course.  Like Kimoji, these emojis aren’t really emojis.  They have to be copied and pasted and appear in text message alone as opposed to embedded in your text.  Also, you can only currently use them in text messages.  It would be a lot better if they could be used with social media.

Hopefully, as time goes on, developers will find a way to make these emojis more interesting and user-friendly across all platforms.  Until then, enjoy.




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