Ashes to ashes…dust to side chicks


If “Lemonade” did nothing else, it took the supposed glamour and mystique out of being a side chick.  Beyonce officially buried side chicks everywhere.  There’s no way you can call yourself a Beyonce fan and also be talking to a married man.

Side chicks all around the world where put on blast last night.  “Becky with the good hair,” is not just Rachel Roy.  It’s all of the women that “flirt” with married men or talk to married men, date married men, or sleep with married men.

This album stirred up so many emotions in me.  Not because my husband is cheating, but because sometimes I feel myself in that position of being jealous or crazy.  Sometimes I find myself wondering what he’s doing, who he’s talking to.

Growing up in a house where fidelity was in short supply, it’s hard not to have trust issues.  It’s hard to believe someone when they say they love you.  It’s hard to believe them when they say they’re going out with friends.  It’s hard not to want to check their phone.  It’s hard not to be jealous and crazy when they have female friends.  It’s hard to be okay with another woman texting your husband.

And I can’t lie.  I’ve been jealous…and crazy…and jealous crazy, on many occasions.  But, in the end, I feel no shame about the things I’ve done, because they’ve all been done out of love for him, for me, and for our progeny.

So, I’ll be that.

And for all of those “so-called side chicks,” enjoy being miserable, petty, trifling, and worthless.

Not being able to get a husband doesn’t give you a license to talk someone else’s.

Ashes to ashes…dust to side chicks.


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