Beauty Secret Under $5


Lately, I’ve been dealing with a few blemishes.  I’ve also been dealing with dry skin, visible pores, and just an overall dullness in my face.

So, I went to YouTube and looked for some solutions to my skin issues, duh.  Anyway, what I found was a beauty secret, that’s less than $5, but in one use, made my skin feel completely brand new…like a baby’s skin.

What’s my secret?

A $5 electronic toothbrush.  Yep.  That’s it.  While everyone else is spending tons of coins on oscillating facial brushes, I spent $5 at Walmart on an oscillating toothbrush that does the same thing, for a much cheaper price.

So, what’s my regimen?

First, I remove all of my makeup using cotton pads and extra virgin olive oil.  Then, I wash my face with African black soap and exfoliate using the electronic toothbrush (be very gentle and let it glide over your face, as opposed to to pulling your skin).  I rinse my face until it’s completely clean of all makeup and residue.  I pat it dry and moisturize it with coconut oil.

And that’s it.

I’ve found that this regimen works really well in the morning and the night. It works better than the products I used to use that had lots of unnatural chemicals.  I have really oily skin and I thought that adding oil to my skin would clog my pores, but I find that the opposite is true for me.  The more oil I put on my skin, the less it breaks out.  My skin seems to do a lot worse when it’s dry and medicated.  Besides the fact that the coconut oil allows my makeup to glide on effortlessly.




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