Wake Up Call


I’ve finally decided that this will be my year.  My year to take care of me and get my health together.  It makes absolutely no sense to have decent health insurance for the past 10 years and yet refuse to actually go to the doctor on a regular basis.

The only time I was consistent about going to the doctor was when I was pregnant.  After that, I began to ignore my health again.  But, I’ve been nagged by the old adage that you can’t take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself first.

So, I’ve dedicated 2016 as the year that I take care of me.

I recently got my eye’s checked and updated my glasses prescription.  It’s good to know that my eyes are healthy…even if I am as blind as a bat.

I also went and got a pap smear this year.  Yep.  And I found the most amazing gynecologist ever! She’s knowledgable, thorough, and fast.  I think it took her all of thirty-seconds to finish my pap exam.  It makes me feel like the rest of my doctors may have been perverts (lol), or maybe just not as experienced.  Either way, she has a patient for life!

Also, I recently found out that I may have a thyroid problem, or a pituitary gland problem…so I’ll be seeing an endocrinologist next week.  From there, I’ll be getting a physical, and I’ll start the process of truly healing my body and keeping up with this process each year.

It feels good when you take care of you.

I encourage all of you luxe ladies to start (or continue to) take care of yourself!


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