What Beyonce Taught Us


Watching the visual album from Beyonce, “Lemonade,” on HBO last night, I couldn’t help but think of the many lessons she taught us as women, men, children, humans…in only an hour.

Beyonce’s beauty, talent, fame, money, etc. has never been in question.  What has been in question, however, is her authenticity.  With lawsuits over “unflattering pictures” online, to the staging of her social media posts, her desire to present a “perfect” facade to the world even amongst obvious turmoil, and her piss-poor attempt at letting us into her world through rehearsed HBO specials, Beyonce is a lot of things, but real has never been one of them.

Until last night.

Last night, she was real.  She let the world into what could be considered one of the most embarrassing admissions a woman could ever have, the infidelity of her husband.  However, Beyonce didn’t just make us privy to the infidelity.  She also allowed us to see her heart.  She open her chest, pulled it out, and placed it in front of the camera for all of us to see.

There she lay…exposed.  A woman hurt, scorned, and trying to find her way back.  A woman coming to terms with a world that hates Black women.  With a world where the people you love and trust the most hurt you.  With a world where the children of Black women are being murdered in cold blood on the streets.  With a world where Black women are told that their hair is ugly, their skin is ugly, their existence is ugly.  With a world where being vulnerable is synonymous with being weak.

Lemonade was far from weak.

It takes strength to admit that the man you love didn’t love you enough to stay faithful.  It takes strength to admit that you don’t want to live without him, but you will before you allow yourself to be publicly humiliated and disrespected again.  And it takes strength to allow that man back into your life and back into your heart.

In a world where everyone is so quick to throw away their marriage, the fact that Beyonce is willing to work through the issues with Sean, well…that’s strength.  It speaks to what marriage should be.

I think about other couples that may be in similar situations.  Maybe this can inspire them to work through it.

To take the lemons and make lemonade.


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