my mother’s poems


I have been inspired by “Lemonade.”  While the visual album brought about a flood of emotions and creative energy, it was the poetry of Warsan Shire that blew me away.  It took me back to my first love…the spoken word.

So, I am currently working on a project.  It will be a book and a spoken word album, entitled “my mother’s poems.”

I will feature a few poems here on PLL.


i am my mother’s child

first born of her creation

only daughter of her womb

i suckled at the breasts of royalty 

she draped me in purple linens and whispered promises of grandeur into my baby ears

smiled at me with her mother’s smile and kissed my baby feet

i am her words

her words are me

her thoughts and ideas are what i speak

carried inspiration in the depths of her belly for 40 weeks

opened her legs and gave birth to words

they flowed out of her like hot blood and afterbirth

melted around her ankles in puddles of nothingness

and from those words 




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