My New Favorite Nail Trend


It’s taken a while for me to come around, but, I must admit, I’m loving stiletto nails.

I’ve had a few bad experiences with nail technicians that claimed they new how to do “pointed” nails, but couldn’t.  However, I’m glad I didn’t let those bad experiences affect me.

I’ve finally found a stiletto look that works for me.  I’ve been rocking it for over a month now, and my nails feel natural, easy, and beautiful.

And guess what?

I did them myself.

I love nails that I can do myself.  The nails cost $7.99 at Walmart, and I always like to buy a bottle of nail glue separate for about $2.99 and brush-on nail glue for $2.49.

I gently clean and buff my natural nails.  I then paint on the brush-on glue like nail polish.  I put a few drops of the bottle nail glue onto the artificial nail and then press the artificial nail firmly down onto my natural nail and hold it for at least 30 seconds until the two glues are bonded.  I gently file the edges of the artificial nail and put oil on my cuticles and I’m done.

It’s that easy.  They usually last for about a week (or sometimes up to 10 days).

I remove with pure acetone and let my natural nails rest with nail strengthening polish for about a week or so before I apply a new pair.

The secret is holding down the nail and allowing the glue to dry without any air bubbles.  Air bubbles allow water to get in between your natural nail and the artificial nail and cause the artificial nail to lift and break.  Also, be sure to get a glue that is anti-fungal (see below.






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