Resolve To Be Your Best Self


Most people began 2016 with the best of intentions.

Lose weight.

Workout more.

Eat out less.

Get a new job.

Learn a new language.

Find a man…woman…or improve your current relationship.

Make more money.

Save more money.

Work smarter, not harder.

We all begin the year saying that (insert year here) will be our year.

We will all be laying on an exotic beach on vacation from our dream jobs with snatched waists, long, flowing hair, sun-kissed skin, sipping $100 glasses of champagne, and speaking perfect Spanish to the cute Dominican guy that keeps flirting with us.

Exit April.

Enter May.

Here we are, stuck in our crappy cubicles at the crappy jobs we hate, stomachs hanging over our jeggings, hair in a ratty ponytail, skin looking dull and ashy, eating from the value menu at McDonald’s, and barely grunting syllables to the ugly guy from the mailroom with the gold tooth, as we contemplate whether or not to go through with getting that restraining order on him.

That may sound a bit exaggerated.

But it’s true that while we begin with the best of intentions, we don’t always follow through.

Why not?

Is it because we didn’t really want our “dreams” to come true?

Absolutely not.

It’s because life got in the way.

It’s hard to make your dreams come true when you’re busy living in realities.

So, I’m challenging all of you luxe ladies to dust off your 2016 dream lists and really make some things happen.

Like, seriously.

Carve out a few minutes for yourself.  Pour a nice tall glass of Moscato.  Get your list and a pen and go to work.

First, cross off anything you’ve already accomplished.  It’s almost May.  I hope I’m not being too optimistic in hoping that you’ve achieved at least one thing on your list.   Cross out what you’ve done and bask in the glory that is you.

You did that!

(Note: If you haven’t achieved anything on your list, take the weekend to achieve one thing.  Pick the easiest, quickest thing you can achieve on your list and get it done.  You need the momentum from achieving something in order to propel you to reach your higher goals, so this is a must.  So, if you’ve been putting off organizing your closet, get to it girlfriend).

Next, cross off anything that you no longer want to achieve.  Maybe you wanted to learn Italian because of the cute guy in the apartment across the hall.  But, he moved two weeks ago and you no longer have a desire to learn the language.  Or maybe you had a goal that you thought would make you happy, but your situation has changed and you no longer need to reach that goal.  That’s a good thing.  Go ahead and take a minute to cross off everything that you no longer “need” to achieve.

Finally, with what’s remaining, circle the one goal that you must achieve this year.  Which one is the most important?  Maybe it’s losing a few pounds and it’s been on your list for years.  Maybe it’s finding a new job so you can stop living for the weekend.  Maybe it’s saving money so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck.

It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it is the most passionate goal on your list.  Ask yourself, “If I knew that only one of these dreams could come true and all of the rest would never come true, which one would I pick to be “the one?””

Once you have that one goal, write it down in some place where you can see it everyday and spend the next 5-6 months devoting time each day to doing things that will bring you closer to that goal.  Make it your mission.  Your sole focus.  Be driven.  Develop tunnel vision.

You can do it.

Let’s be better today than we were yesterday and better tomorrow than we were today.


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