What Prince Taught Us


The iconic Prince.

Besides being an extremely talented musician, humanitarian, and philanthropist, Prince did something else for the world.

He made everyone feel okay about being themselves.

In a world where cookie-cutter people come by the dozen and every person looks like the other, talks like the other, acts like the other…

Prince was the complete opposite.

He was a straight man with long hair, ruffled tops, tight hot pants with outerwear bikini bottoms and platform shoes.

Prince was unapologetically himself.  He didn’t conform to what society thought he should be.  He was okay with being different.

And quiet.

Which is different in it’s own way.

Usually people that dress differently are loud and boisterous and outgoing.  But, that wasn’t Prince.  Prince was quiet.  He was private.  He didn’t mind being alone.

While everyone else focuses on the music, the movies, the humanitarianism, and all of the other wonderful things he’s done, I think I’ll sit with his shy, quiet side for a while.

I like it here.


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