Beyonce Formation World Tour


I got my life!

All the way!

This past Tuesday, I got to see Queen Bey perform and it was amazing.

The experience of being in the same space as Beyonce…breathing the same air…feeling the same rain…it was surreal.  When she first came out, I screamed louder than I ever have in my life!  My heart was racing and I felt faint.  Before this experience, I never understood how people could faint when they met a celebrity.  I used to think, “they’re human, just like us.”

But, now I get it.

It’s not a form of worship.  It’s more or less the experience of seeing someone only on TV…listening to them only on the radio…or looking at pictures of them only online, in magazines, or on posters.  You see them, but there’s always a medium.  You hear them, but never in the moment.

Actually seeing the person in the flesh is something…amazing.

Thankfully, the faint feeling passed and I was able to enjoy the “concert.”  I use quotation marks, because it wasn’t a concert.  It wasn’t a show.

It was an experience. 

Beyonce serves up everything she has when she performs.  You never get a weak vocal performance, sloppy dance moves and amateur lighting.  No, honey.  You get massive screens of HD quality, speakers with THX sound, amazing dancers, trapeze artists, fire (yes, I said fire), water shows, rain, lightning, thunder (albeit, all three of those were natural occurrences and not part of the show), fireworks, confetti bombs (I lost the piece I was trying to save), and the most amazing costume and wig changes I’ve ever seen.

You get Beyonce showing swagger…Beyonce breaking down amazing choreography and dance moves, Beyonce crooning out soulful ballads, Beyonce taking pauses to tell her fans how much she appreciates them, Beyonce on her knees pouring out her heart and soul through that gold microphone, Beyonce balancing and dancing seductively on a chair, Beyonce letting the rain fall down on her as she doesn’t miss a note (or a step), Beyonce dancing in the water, Beyonce interacting with her fans through smiles, letting them sing into the mic, wiping her forehead with their towel, blowing kisses, and making everyone feel like she came to perform just for them.

And while all of this was amazing, what I enjoyed the most where those brief moments right after she finished a song where she would smile and her happiness was genuine.  It was electric.  You could truly tell that she was doing what she loved more than anything in the world and there was no place else she’d rather be.

It was an amazing experience.

What I have taken away from it (besides the thousands of video clips that I watch daily) are three things:

  1. I have to go to see her for every single tour.  There is no question that I will be in the front row at the next tour.  If she’s there, I’m there.
  2. I have got to do what I love.  We spend so much time doing things that we have to do, counting down the days and simply existing.  I’m tired of going to a job that I hate.  I want to do something that I love.  Something that will make me look as happy as she did on stage.
  3. I have got to get my body right.  Three teenage girls who were walking in front of me after the concert said it perfectly. “Girl, Beyonce gave me motivation to get my life.   Her body is amazing.”  “Right?  She is gorgeous!”  “I know right.  And she looked good on camera.  You know you look good if you can look good on camera.”  I think we were all in awe of the breathtaking beauty that is Bey.  And while striving to look like her would be insane, striving to look like the best version of myself is what she’s inspired me to do.

So, that’s what I’ve taken away from this experience.

And when people ask, “You went to the Beyonce concert?”

I reply, “No, I had the Beyonce experience.”  Because there is a difference.


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  1. Haha. Thats how I felt too. And I was getting paid to be there. The fact that she made a point to finish the show after the lightning evacuation, was just awesome. Raliegh- Carter Finley

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