A Metaphor


There are three types of people in this world and they can all be summed up in this neat little metaphor.

Imagine that you have a thick sheet of card stock.  You want to take that sheet of card stock and stick it to the door.  So, you grab a piece of tape and you proceed to tape the card stock to the door.  After a few days, you notice that the card stock has fallen down.  So, you pick it up and hang it back up again.  A few days later, you come back, and there it is again.  On the floor.

How you proceed from here will depend on what type of person you are.

  1. Person 1.  Person 1 picks the card stock up and hangs it up again.  They may try to press the tape down harder with their fingers…work to make sure that it’s secure, but that’s about it.  And if it falls again, they’ll pick it up again.  They may look at the card stock sitting on the floor.  They may ask it, “Why won’t you stay up?”  However, these people will continue to rely on the same flimsy piece of tape and will continue to pick up that card stock over…and over…and over.   They don’t “get” why it won’t stay.
  2. Person 2.  Person 2 picks the card stock up again.  They may notice that the tape is not strong enough to hold the weight of the paper.  So, they may choose a different type of tape.  Or they may add more tape.  They may secure the card stock at various points to ensure that it stays.  No matter what the plan, these people refuse to keep picking up this piece of card stock every day.
  3. Person 3.  Person 3 looks down at the card stock…and leaves it there.  Sure, they could pick it up.  But, they already picked it up once before.  They realize that if they hang it up again as is, it will fall.  They also know what needs to be done to make it stay.  But, they’re not willing to do what needs to be done.  They rather stare at the card stock on the floor rather than to solve the problem.

The door can be likened to life, the card stock to a person’s will to live, and the tape to a person’s actions.

Person 1 can’t seem to understand why their actions keep producing the same results.  These are the people that complain all the time.  The people who always have a “woe is me” attitude.  The people who can’t understand why everything in their life is going wrong and who think that upping the dosage of their Xanax may solve the problem.  These people don’t get that their flimsy piece of tape, i.e. their actions, aren’t working and that if they want to succeed they need to make some changes.

Person 2 is the person that has it together, for the most part.  They identify changes and adjust accordingly.  They have the intestinal fortitude to know what they want out of life and to go after it.  Champions live in this area.  These are the people that are not afraid of change.  These are the people that don’t whine about getting knocked down.  These are the people that are not afraid of the storm because they have learned how to sail their boat.

Person 3 is the person that has everything Person 2 has, but who refuses to use it.  This Person is not like Person 1.  They know that they need a better plan.  They know that if they keep doing what they’ve always done they will get what they’ve always gotten. These people also know what they need to do in order to get where they want.  They know what needs to be done and can formulate a plan to achieve their goals (a lot of times their plans are better than Person 2).  However, these people lack the will and motivation to do anything about it.  They aren’t going to keep beating their head against a wall, but they aren’t going to get up and make something happen either.  No, these people are content to lay on the ground and let life pass them by.  These are the people that are stuck in dead end jobs, loveless relationships, and other dismal situations.  These are the people that are stuck…physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, emotionally.

So, which one are you?

At times you may see yourself in all three people, depending on the situation.  I know I have found myself in each scenario before.

But, seriously.  Ask yourself, which person am I the most like?  Which person do I want to be the most like?  How can I be that person?


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