What You Should be Listening To


“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

-Victor Hugo

The ability of music to transform, transport, and transcend is undeniable.  I find myself with my earbuds in on a daily basis.   Here are some of my favorite artists, albums, and songs.

  1. Beyonce “Lemonade” This had to be first on the list because it’s the album that is in heaviest rotation on my iPhone.  I have to listen to it all the way through (including the Lemonade movie) before I’m willing to listen to anything else.  It tells the story of suspicion, betrayal, infidelity, distrust, apathy, freedom, forgiveness, and transformation.  It picks you up in one place and puts you down in another.  And whether you’ve been cheated on, broken up with, are happily single, happily married, or looking for love, there are gems to be enjoyed by all.
  2. Drake “Views”  A lot of people have been critical of this album, despite how many copies it has sold.  Some people feel that it’s not Drake’s best, and that he hyped it up just for it to be a let down.  I have to say that I feel the complete opposite about this album.  It’s one of  the few “rap” albums that I can listen to all the way through. It’s smooth and melodic and it’s a perfect representation of who Drake is.  People criticize him for being an actor turned rapper.  For him being mixed.  For him being too soft.  Then, they criticize him for putting out an album that represents all of those things.  With “Views,” Drake is being true to himself.  Tracks like “U With Me?,” “One Dance,” and “9” are some of my favorites.
  3. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment “Surf” This was an album my husband recommended I listen to.  Why?  Because he knows I love music that is abstract, melodic, and bizarre, that’s why.  Oh, and did I mention that I love Chance the Rapper and that this album is the collaboration between him, his band, The Social Experiment, and Donald Trumpet?  Yeah.  I pretty much love everything Chance the Rapper does.  And if you listen to him, you will too!
  4. Chance The Rapper “Chance3”  Hopefully you read number 3, so I won’t have to go back into how much I love Chance the Rapper (although I will if you need me to).  This mixtape doesn’t officially drop until tomorrow, May 13, but I’m going to go ahead and venture to say that it’s going to be a classic.  I mean, who releases an exclusive mixtape on Apple Music?  Chance the Rapper, that’s who!
  5. NAO “Bad Blood”  I am patiently waiting on an album from this phenomenal British singer-songwriter from East London who blends neo soul with electronic funk and alternative R&B.  She is amazing, to say the least.  Her melodic tone and raspy voice make her stand out on any track.  You may know her from the Samsung commercial.  They used her song “Zillionaire” in one of their cell phone ads.  “Bad Blood” has quickly become a favorite of mine.

That rounds out the list of music that I’m currently listening to.  Although, some other music that gets love from me is the new BJ The Chicago Kid, Lyve Bounce, ANTI, Leon Bridges, and Janine and the Mixtape.


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