Why I Chose To Go Blonde


My hair has been many colors.  I have had a few brief stints with highlights.  I did fire engine red for a year (eyebrows included).  I’ve even done a few light-brown and chestnut shades. However, I have always gone back to my true love…jet black!   I’ve been wearing my hair jet black for over a decade, and I considered it to be my signature color.

Until now.

I have to admit that I’ve gotten older.

I’ll be turning 33 at the end of this month, and I can see a few laugh lines around my mouth and few wrinkles underneath my eyes.  My skin has cleared up for the most part (thank you Albolene), but I have noticed that it’s lost its luster somewhat.  When I wear my hair jet black, I feel like my face is washed out and flat, despite an amazingly beat face.

So, with that in mind, I’ve been contemplating “going blonde” for a while now.  In the past, I felt like blonde hair never looked good on me.  But, I’ve had this nagging feeling that my face needed a more gentle and forgiving color.  I was also interested in making a color my new “signature color.”

So, I went online to my favorite shop, found a color that I liked, and charged it to my card before I could change my mind.  When it finally came in I couldn’t wait to transform.  And now that it’s done, I don’t think I’m ever going back to black.

The color is not subtle at all.  It’s bold.  Like a wheat blonde.  But, it’s not super long, which I like.  It has a layered, natural cut, which adds a hint of elegance.  I knew that if I went long I would run the risk of looking trashy and feeling super uncomfortable, so I went for a more conservative cut and style and I’m glad I did.   I chose to keep the roots dark and transition into the blonde.  In my opinion, it makes the color look more natural and it allows me to keep my eyebrows dark.

Everyone has been throwing me compliments and telling me how great I look as a blonde.  That would usually make me want to change my hair immediately, because I don’t like compliments on my hair (weird, I know!).

Also, it has been garnering a lot of male attention, which I’m not that fond of.  My husband was right when he said, “A lot more men are going to hit on you!”  I think I’ve become comfortable in my wife/mother cocoon where I accepted that my compliment days were over.  I actually love the fact that they are over.  And while it’s nice to catch someone’s eye, I am extremely shy, so I prefer playing the background.  So, I guess I’ll be flashing my ring a little more now than usual.

But, overall, I am happy with the decision.  I am glad that I am so bold and fearless in what I do with my hair and that I don’t live to please others with my looks.  I feel that this color speaks not to who I was or to who I am, but to who I am becoming.

This is me.


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