How Nude


I have been on a quest for the perfect nude lipstick forever!

I love the way nude lipsticks look.  The fact that they blend in with your skin and give your lips a smooth finish without adding color or shine is really what appeals to me.

I’m not big of lipsticks of any kind, really.  All I wore was clear MAC lipglass for 10 years.  Now that I’m older, I find myself relying on lip balm to keep my lips soft and moisturized, but nothing else.  There are a few occasions when I’ll wear a colored lip gloss or red matte lipstick, but not that often.

However, I have begun to form a real obsession for the nude matte look.  My lips are a little discolored anyway, and I’d like to have a smooth nude shade to make my lips look flawless, but I can’t seem to find a color that looks good on me.

I’ve bought and tried literally dozens of different nude lipsticks, and all of them seem to look weird on me.  Either they are too light or too dark.  Also, some of them have pink or gold undertones that make my lips look weird.

I just want a nice, nude matte lipstick.

Below are the next shades I’m going to try.  Revlon “Supernatural” lip gloss and “Mink” lipstick.  I’m hoping that the 15th time is a charm.


If not, I’m moving on to MAC in Siss.


I told you ladies, I’m not giving up!  If you have any suggestions on nude shades for me to try, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.




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