My Current 3 Fave Beauty Snapchats to Follow


The only thing that is difficult about Snapchat is knowing who to follow.  Unlike Instagram, there aren’t any ways to explore in order to find pages that you might be interested in. Also, once you add a friend, there aren’t any drop down menus with suggestions of other people to friend.

So, it’s pretty much up to you to do the leg work of searching Instagram or Twitter pages you love in order to see if they have Snapchat and what their snap code is.   With that in mind, I’ve taken the liberty of spending a few hours combing through fashion and beauty snapchat pages and I think I’ve gathered a pretty amazing list (three now, more to follow 🙂

Thank me later.

  • La Bronze James-This makeup artist and beauty vlogger is always snapping her latest beauty products, with details, pics, videos, and reviews.  I like the fact that she snaps on a regular basis, has a YouTube channel with tutorials, and that she gives her honest opinions of products.  In a world where everyone is paid to promote something, it’s refreshing to hear a candid review.


  • BeatFaceHoney– She’s been around for a while, has thousands of YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers, and has been the MUA to stars such as Brandy and Nicki Minaj, just to name a few.  She also hosts group makeup classes and one-on-one sessions.  I love the fact that her face is usually bare on her Snapchat, and that she gives behind the scenes views of her one-on-one sessions.  She also gives tips and makeup advice throughout the day.


  • Pawshy– This chick is fierce.  With nails in every design, green hair to her waist, and eyebrows on fleek, her look is a dream.  She is my clothing and makeup muse.  I love her snaps because she does glam 24/7 and will get dressed up just to walk around town, run errands, or chill at home.  She will give you so much inspiration to slay every single day!

Image 5-25-16 at 11.15 AM


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