NYX Lip Life Savers

I am in love with NYX products.  In my opinion, they are the best products for minimal cost and maximum quality.  They are a little more expensive than drugstore brands, however, their quality is comparable to the more expensive and exclusive brands.  I currently use NYX contouring products, finishing sprays, and eye liners. But, my... Continue Reading →


How To Look Like a Boss

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a full-time student, a full-time employee, a stay-at-home-mom, or a trust fund baby, everyone is a boss.  We all make "boss" moves in our lives, from hitting the books before hitting the club, to balancing work and mommy duties, to waking up before noon, it all counts. The truth is, feeling... Continue Reading →

The Secret to Flawless Makeup

  Believe it or not, the key to flawless makeup has nothing to do with the brand of makeup you wear or your makeup artistry skills.  Nope.  The key to flawless makeup lies in great habits.  Your skin is the foundation for your makeup.  If your foundation is neglected and in disarray, your makeup won't shine its brightest.... Continue Reading →

Brush it Off

When it comes to flawless makeup application, having a great set of brushes is key.  And when it comes to flawless skin, having a great system for cleaning those brushes is also key.  Dirty brushes can contain old makeup (duh!), dead skin cells, dirt, dust, sweat, and even bacteria.  When you continue to use the... Continue Reading →

Tame Those Lower Lashes

No one can deny how pretty long lashes look.  They help to make your eyes pop.  And mascara can do wonders for those lower baby lashes.  However, it's difficult to apply mascara to them without getting it under your eye.  I find myself constantly having to wipe off the excess mascara and reapply new mascara,... Continue Reading →

What Waist?

Waist training has been gaining a lot of popularity lately.  With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna, and Amber Rose wearing them, just to name a few, everyone seems to be interested in getting a smaller waist. However, this idea is not new.  Women in the 18th century wore corsets in order to slim... Continue Reading →

Prime Time

Eyeshadow primer can be used for more than just eyes.  Check out some of its other uses below. On your lips.  You can use eyeshadow primer as a base for your lip color.  While there are great lip primers out there, you can just as easily use your eyeshadow primer for  this, as all primers... Continue Reading →

The Art of the Lip

I've been trying to get into the art of wearing lipstick. And yes, it is an art. In my mind, I've always thought that lipstick should look like the picture to the left, and I never liked that look. But, now that I know that lipstick should be worn like the picture to the right,... Continue Reading →

Summer Makeup Bag Essentials

With summer just weeks away, now is the time to start updating your makeup bag with summer essentials to keep you cool, sexy, and flawless on these hot summer days. All of these products can be purchased for a total of less than $35! Anastasia Covet Waterproof Eyeliner ($10).  With the hot summer sun blaring... Continue Reading →

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