Prime Time


Eyeshadow primer can be used for more than just eyes.  Check out some of its other uses below.

  • On your lips.  You can use eyeshadow primer as a base for your lip color.  While there are great lip primers out there, you can just as easily use your eyeshadow primer for  this, as all primers are made up of similar ingredients and do just about the same thing.  Just make sure that your lips are moisturized before applying.  I suggest using a cream eyeshadow primer.  Apply a little to your upper and lower lip, press together, and allow to soak in before applying your liner, lip color, etc.
  • Under your eyes.  I don’t know about you, but I have fine lines under my eyes.  They aren’t as visible when I’m bare faced, but when I put on my makeup, especially under eye concealer, all of the product seems to gather in the creases and it makes my lines more pronounced, especially in pictures.  I have found that using an eyeshadow primer prior to applying my under eye concealer helps a lot with this.  My concealer is then able to go on smoothly without creasing and it lasts longer.
  • As a base without eyeshadow.  I know it sounds strange to use an eyeshadow primer and no eyeshadow, but, I find that it helps smooth your skin and provide a nice glow and finish with or without eyeshadow.  I do not wear eyeshadow in my everyday looks, but I do like to apply primer to even out my skin and give it a subtle “airbrushed effect.”
  • On your eyebrows. I always “prime” my eyebrows with eyeshadow primer.  I like to use it all over my brows and eyelids prior to applying any other makeup.  I find that it helps smooth my natural brows and it helps my “fill” pencil, powder or pomade to stay put.
  • To hide blemishes and dark spots.  The purpose of concealer is to conceal.  Most people use concealer on dark spots and blemishes.  However, if you’re anything like me, your concealer doesn’t conceal throughout the entire day!  I find that by the mid-afternoon my dark spots and pimples are showing.  In order to avoid that, I apply the primer over my pimples and dark spots, allowing it to absorb. I then apply my concealer, foundation, and powder.  I follow up with a setting powder and I’m good for the day.  A lighter, summer look would be to use primer and then follow with a tinted moisturizer and just a little concealer.

These are just a few alternate uses for eyeshadow primer.  I realize that you can also use a normal face primer for all of these things.  However, these tips come in handy when you’re running low on face primer.  I also find that sometimes eyeshadow primer tends to work better than other face primers I’ve tried, but that’s just my opinion.


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