Tame Those Lower Lashes


No one can deny how pretty long lashes look.  They help to make your eyes pop.  And mascara can do wonders for those lower baby lashes.  However, it’s difficult to apply mascara to them without getting it under your eye.  I find myself constantly having to wipe off the excess mascara and reapply new mascara, and wipe, and reapply, and wipe and reapply.

So, what’s a girl to do?

A spoon can save the day.  Use the spoon as a barrier between the mascara wand and your skin.  It works great because of its handle and its curve.  The color of the spoon also provides a great contrast for you to see your lower lashes easily.

To do, hold the spoon upside down in your non-dominant hand and press it under your eye.  Use the spoon as a barrier between the mascara wand and your under eye.  Use your dominant hand to apply mascara to your lower lashes.  You can hold the mascara wand at either a vertical angle or horizontal angle (I prefer vertical).  Move the spoon as needed until your entire bottom lash line is covered with mascara.  Be sure to go in deep on your lashes and highlight each individual lash. Hold the spoon in place to allow the mascara to dry.

You can use the same method for your upper lashes too, if you find yourself also having problems with mascara on your eyelid.  For an added bonus, keep the spoon in the freezer. The cold can help to reduce puffiness under your eyes and on your eyelids while you apply makeup.




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