What Waist?


Waist training has been gaining a lot of popularity lately.  With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna, and Amber Rose wearing them, just to name a few, everyone seems to be interested in getting a smaller waist.

However, this idea is not new.  Women in the 18th century wore corsets in order to slim their waistlines.  These garments were often tightened to the point where they could not sit, breathe, or eat without discomfort.  During these times, frequent use allegedly caused injury to internal organs and ribs.

Today, however, waist training is not dangerous, as long as you do it correctly.  Follow the steps below in order to ensure waist training success.  Also, be sure to consult your doctor prior to beginning any waist training program, as there may be a reason why it’s not appropriate for you.

  • Be sure to get the right size.  It is imperative that you measure your waist before you purchase a waist trainer.  There are a lot of companies that sell waist trainers, and, in my opinion, they are all the same and just being marketed under a different company.  However, what’s more important than the company you choose or type of trainer you choose, is that you get the correct size.  Be sure to use a tape measure to measure your stomach around your belly button and then use the size guide to ensure   that you order the correct size for your waist.  Do not order a smaller size thinking that it will make your waist smaller.  Do not order a smaller size thinking that you will save money in the long run when you lose weight.  Both of these things can cause you to get a waist trainer that is too small and will result in a terrible waist training experience.  Trust me when I tell you that the trainer you get in your size will be tight.  You will have to lie down on the bed and struggle to get into it.  It will feel like you cannot breathe or move.  But, when you get the right size, it will begin to conform to your body.  It will begin to feel like a second skin.  Your waist will begin to get smaller.  And, you will be able to wear it for a while until you can go down to a smaller size.  Just trust the process.
  • Waist train for 6 hours a day.   While some people wear their trainers all day long, even while they sleep, that’s not necessary in order to get the results you desire.  But, you do have to be consistent.  Consistency means wearing your waist trainer every single day, for about 6-8 hours a day.  It may be hard to begin with 6 hours the first time you put it on.  If you find it difficult to wear for 6 hours in the beginning, start with 1-2 hours and work your way up.  Remember, consistency is key.  Waist training is about making your natural waistline smaller.  When you wear it with consistency, your waistline should get smaller and smaller when you have it on and when you take it off.  In order for this to happen, you have to wear it every single day.
  • Improve your diet and exercise habits.  You can’t wear a waist trainer, eat junk, watch TV all day and expect to have a 26-inch waist.  It’s just not happening.  If you think that having a waist trainer is a license to continue eating crap and keeping your figure, I’m sorry, but it’s not.  If your goal really is to get your waist down, then you have to also put in the work.  When I first put on my waist trainer, my waist immediately went down 4 inches.  But, I knew that was only an illusion.  In order to get my waist to really go down 4 inches without the trainer on, I knew that I would have to also start eating healthy and working out.
  • Improve your posture.  An added benefit of wearing a waist trainer is that it instantly improves your posture and provides back support.  The boning keeps your back straight, and you just naturally want to lift your shoulders and sit up straight. I find that when I slouch, my trainer begins to cut into me and feel uncomfortable.  But, as soon as I sit up straight, it flattens out and feels comfortable again.

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