The Secret to Perfect Brows

I want to share with all of you my secret to perfectly sculpted brows, and it’s such a simple fix!

What is it? 



Yeah, seriously, concealer. 

Just shape your brows with a dry toothbrush or spoolie and fill in any sparse areas using a brow powder close to the natural shade of your brows.  Then, put a tiny amount of concealer on the tip of a blending or sculpting brush (like a small dot) and lightly trace the outside of your brows all around, cleaning up and highlighting the edges. 

I like to start at the bottom, then the top, then the tail, and finally the inner brow. I typically fill in my brows a little outside of their natural shape. Don’t worry about filling in too wide because your concealer can fix and erase any mistakes. And if you use too much concealer, just go back through with more brow powder. It will take a while at first, but, after much practice, you’ll be able to get amazing brows in less than five minutes. 

That’s it. 

When people say my brows look gorgeous, they never realize that conealing around them to give them a crisp, clean, “just done” look is my secret. 

Extra tip: Want the gradient brow look but have thin, sparse brows? No problem. Just use your powder and extend your inner brow line out past your natural brow, using your nose as a guide. Be sure not to go to far or you’ll look like you have a unibrow! Then, take an eyeliner pencil (I like to use liquid eyeliner) and draw a vertical line to darken your natural brow, moving from your inner eye to the tail. Then, take your same concealer brush and make soft vertical strokes through the added brow powder to make it look faded and more like wispy hairs. This takes a lot of patience and practice, so don’t give this technique a try unless you have some time on your hands. 


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