The Cure for Fatigue 

Life is filled with stress. Pressures from work, family and other obligations seem to weigh us down on a daily basis. 

You go to bed exhausted, wake up exhausted and go through your day on autopilot. So, what can you do to help you get through the day with more energy, vitality and ambition? 

1. Go to bed early. Try and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. You can do this by setting a concrete sleep and wake time and sticking to it every day of the week.  Studies show that you can’t make up for sleep you’ve missed during the week by sleeping in on the weekends. So, the best thing you can do for your body is give it the right amount of sleep each night. 

2. Drink green tea in the morning. While coffee can provide a quick caffeine boost, starting your morning with green tea instead can provide a steady amount of energy as well as health benefits, such as antioxidants that help to heal your body. 

3. Exercise. Getting in a 30 minute workout at the beginning of your day can help to elevate serotonin levels and provide energy to last throughout the day. 

4.  Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can lead to fatigue. In order to prevent this, stay hydrated by drinking water frequently throughout the day. You can make this easy by carrying around a BPA-free water bottle and taking sips from it throughout your daily activities. 


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