Why I Chose to Take a Break From Social Media

I like social media. 

Like most people, I check my feeds several times a day. And, I often find myself scrolling, looking at pictures, watching videos and reading posts for longer than I intended. 

I use social media to keep up with my friends and family, to read about the latest gossip, to keep up with what’s happening in the news, and to stay entertained. 

Knowing all of this, it seems bizarre that I’d want to give it all up. But I do. I’ve been wanting to deactivate all of my social media accounts for a long time now. 


For the same reasons I listed above. I find that I spend way too much time on it. Checking my feed can be an activity that I expect to last five minutes, but it usually lasts an hour or more. And then when you multiply that by the number of social media sites there are, it can be a dark hole of wasted time. 

Also, I find that looking at other people’s lives in some way makes me feel less satisfied with my own. I can’t call it jealousy, or envy. I think it’s just a longing. And I don’t like feeling that way. 

I also got tired of “doing it for the gram.” It’s funny, but, I’d find myself in a moment or watching my husband and son play, and automatically grab my phone so that I could post it. But, during these times, I was more concerned with the optics. Did the picture or video look perfect?  Was my son’s face clean? Where there any stains on his clothes? 

On and on it went. 

I also didn’t like when sites like Facebook and Instagram put pictures or videos on my feed that I didn’t want to see, like certain celebrities, or half-naked pictures, etc. 

There are many other reasons that I chose to take a break. But, in general, there was just an overall feeling that I wanted, no, needed, to step away. 

And since I have?

Well, it’s been great. There have been a few occasions where I have logged back on, but it’s always specific and purposeful. If I find myself drifting and spending a little too much time on it, I immediately log back out. 

I now have more time to live…to workout, meditate, read and work on my goals for this year. 


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