The Best and Worst of Being Vegan

It was almost a month ago that I decided to go vegan. It wasn’t a gradual shift, such as eliminating beef, cutting out dairy, or doing a Meatless Monday. 


I dove into veganism head first. I immediately gave up eating all animal products. No meat, dairy, eggs or honey. 

And, for the most part, it has been an amazingly wonderful change. I’m loving this lifestyle and I know for a fact that I will never go back! 

With that being said, there were some serious highs and lows to my first month. 


  1. The feeling that I’m doing something amazing for myself and my planet. Just knowing that I’m not consuming death and pain is very freeing. 
  2. More energy after meals and throughout the day. Sometimes I actually feel hyper and a little jittery because I have so much energy now. Before, I would always feel tired, bloated and terrible after eating. Now, I just feel refreshed. 
  3. I’ve lost about 15 pounds, which isn’t bad. It feels good to finally see the scale going down every week. 
  4.  I’ve had the opportunity to try new recipes and restaurants and I’ve had some amazing meals that I wouldn’t have otherwise eaten.  Vegan food is bomb! 
  5. I feel so much more healthier in such a short amount of time. I’m eating more fruits and vegetables than I ever have in my entire life and it’s showing. Before going vegan, I was sick with pneumonia for an entire month and had to do three rounds of 3 different antibiotics! However, this time around, when I got a cold, it went away within a few days and even during the cold I didn’t feel that bad at all. 
  6. I love not being on a diet. There were times when I told myself that eating healthy would be a “lifestyle change” but it never was. As soon as I got bored, stressed or hungry, I would revert back to eating my old foods. Well, now that I’m vegan, it really is a lifestyle change. I can’t revert back to eating animals. So, when I’m stressed or bored or hungry, I may eat some “vegan junk food” like spinach & kale chips with salsa, or some natural air-popped popcorn, or a bowl of rice lol. Like seriously, these are things that I eat when I “cheat” now. How great is that? 


  1. I’m struggling to get my food intake right, so I find that I’m hungry often. It’s usually because I’m not eating enough fruits and veggies. It’s hard to get in enough calories when eating healthy. While I’m reluctant to eat 10 bananas at one sitting, I can easily eat 4-5 apples or blend up 4-5 mangos or 6 bananas into a nice smoothie. I’m working on getting out of the dieting mindset and trusting when they say you need to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, but it’s not an easy habit to break. 
  2. I miss cooked/warm food. I’m mostly raw vegan and I try to only eat cooked foods at dinner, which provides me with amazing energy! However, in the winter, it’s really hard to drink a smoothie or eat something cold when all I want is soup.  
  3. It’s hard to be a fat vegan. When you adopt the lifestyle, you start eating super healthy and it heightens your consciousness.  You want to go around and preach your vegan truths to the world. But no one will listen. Because you’re fat. And you want to desperately snap your fingers and be skinny so that people will listen, but you have to trust the process and know that the weight will come off if you just stick to the plan. It’s hard being patient, especially when you’re learning so many new things. But I’m finding that letting my progress speak for me does more than spitting the facts about veganism to people. So, I’ll just wait. Perfection is for the urgent, but I want forever (thanks Aminè!). 

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