This Product Changed My Life

I am by no means a pro. However, after months and months of sculpting and shaping my eyebrows every morning, I have finally been able to shave my time from 30 minutes to about 10.  It took watching a lot of YouTube videos and a whole lot of practice, but I can officially say that... Continue Reading →


Prime Time

Eyeshadow primer can be used for more than just eyes.  Check out some of its other uses below. On your lips.  You can use eyeshadow primer as a base for your lip color.  While there are great lip primers out there, you can just as easily use your eyeshadow primer for  this, as all primers... Continue Reading →

Lash and Brow Drama

Want amazing lashes and brows to kill for? Step 1.  Take your time.  Brows and lashes that look runway ready take a while, so give yourself about 10-15 extra minutes and get them done first. Step 2.  Prime your lashes using eyeshadow primer.  It helps tame them and helps your filler stay in place all... Continue Reading →

Eyebrows on Fleek

   Looking for a way to fill in your eyebrows without looking like you drew them on? Try this 'Eyebrow Cake Powder' by NYX. I love that the colors are natural and soft, which blend in easily with your natural brows for a clean, smooth look. The pomade and brow brush also help manage and... Continue Reading →

Makeup Tuesday! 

   Hey pretty girls! I'm doing something super special on the blog today. Every post today will be dedicated to my top beauty secrets, tips and tricks.   Ever wondered about eyelash extensions? Want to know how to keep your eyebrows on fleek? Unsure of what contouring is and how to do it? Interested in... Continue Reading →

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