Begin Your Day With Lemon Water

When you wake up in the morning, the best way to begin your day, is not with a cup of coffee, but with a large glass of lemon water.  Here's why: Lemon may be acidic, but it helps to balance your body by stabilizing the amount of acid you produce, which is good for weight... Continue Reading →


The Best and Worst of Being Vegan

It was almost a month ago that I decided to go vegan. It wasn't a gradual shift, such as eliminating beef, cutting out dairy, or doing a Meatless Monday.  Nope.  I dove into veganism head first. I immediately gave up eating all animal products. No meat, dairy, eggs or honey.  And, for the most part,... Continue Reading →

The Cure for Fatigue 

Life is filled with stress. Pressures from work, family and other obligations seem to weigh us down on a daily basis.  You go to bed exhausted, wake up exhausted and go through your day on autopilot. So, what can you do to help you get through the day with more energy, vitality and ambition?  1.... Continue Reading →

Healing Your Body With Plants

My plan was to shop, go on vacation and catch back up on this blogging thing during my month off.  Instead, I've spent the past four weeks sick with pneumonia and a sinus infection.  Needless to say, it has been rough.   But this entire ordeal has helped me to see how out of sync my... Continue Reading →

Vegan Dreams

I have this intense desire to go vegan.  I always have.  I was vegan for about six months in college.  I've always wanted to go back.  Something inside keeps pulling me back to these healing foods. To cut out all meat, dairy, starches, etc. from my diet, and to eat natural, organic fruits, vegetables and... Continue Reading →

My 5-Minute Workout Pledge

I am always on the fence when it comes to working out.  I know that it has so many benefits.  It provides cardiovascular health, builds endurance and flexibility, and allows endorphins to be released for hours after the workout.  It also burns calories, helps to rid the body of stored fat, makes you sleep better,... Continue Reading →

Wake Up Call

I've finally decided that this will be my year.  My year to take care of me and get my health together.  It makes absolutely no sense to have decent health insurance for the past 10 years and yet refuse to actually go to the doctor on a regular basis. The only time I was consistent... Continue Reading →

3 Green Smoothie Recipes You’re Going to Love

Everyone is into drinking green smoothies.  While they are good for weight loss, increasing energy levels, and providing a quick boost of nutrients, not all green smoothies are created equal.  In fact, some smoothies that you can have made at smoothie shops can contain an excessive amount of calories and sugars.  Also, not all pre-bottled... Continue Reading →

Make Yourself 5 Promises This Year

Most resolutions for the new year last for a few days, maybe a few weeks, at the most a month or two.  Just long enough for you to get excited, gain momentum, start making progress, and then revert back to your old habits. Only to begin again next year. So, let's make a deal to... Continue Reading →

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