Make 2017 Stress-Free

We get it.  Life is stressful.  Every January 1 we go into the year with plans to lose weight, quit the job we hate, and finally dump our loser boyfriends.  But, somehow, despite our best intentions, we never use that gym membership, our resume never gets updated and we don't break up with that jerk.  [...]


Just Do It!

   If you have dreams (and I know you do, because everyone does!) then go for them.  Stop putting off for tomorrow what you can reach for today.  Many times we put off doing things because of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being judged. Fear of taking [...]

How to Let it All Go Now

   Meditate. Take time to just be. So often we are absorbed with doing things.  We always have to be busy.  Busy living life.  Busy making things happen.  And while there is nothing wrong with burning the candle at both ends and being a boss chick (it is fully encouraged on this site), in order [...]

I’m Not Perfect

   I feel like I should stand on top of the tallest building in the world and scream to everyone that will listen, "I'M NOT PERFECT!!!!!" And that's okay. I work hard.  I love harder. I make good decisions.  And I make mistakes. I take two steps forward...and sometimes I take a step or two [...]

How to Look Like You’re Not Wearing Makeup When You Really Are

   The true purpose of makeup is to enhance your beauty without overpowering it.  With that being said, the best look is the natural look.  But, what should you do if your skin is acne-prone, scarred, or just not that #flawless without a little coverage? Try following the steps below for the most natural look [...]

A Great Idea to End Boredom Eating

   I love this idea. So many times we find ourselves reaching for a bag of chips or chocolate because we're bored or because we don't have anything else to do. Stuck inside because of the Stuck inside because you don't have a Stuck inside because you want to Netflix & So, [...]


   I'd like to think that my blog is appropriate. I'd like to think that everything I write is socially acceptable.   I'm a grown, thirty-something woman that writes posts for other grown women. I'm married and I'm a mom, so I write about sex and marriage and motherhood.  I'm a career woman, I'm a [...]

On Social Media “Friendships”

   Just because you follow me on social media does not mean that you know me. You don't know me. You couldn't know me. Unless you've had personal, private conversations with me, then there is no possible way that you could know me. And yet, social media gives some people a reason to feel like they [...]

One Thing You Can Do Now to Make You Rich

   While winning the Powerball or getting that well-deserved raise is wishful thinking, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than hitting the jackpot and your boss will probably never pay you what you're worth. So, besides robbing a bank, what can you do now to get you one step closer to [...]