Make 2017 Stress-Free

We get it.  Life is stressful.  Every January 1 we go into the year with plans to lose weight, quit the job we hate, and finally dump our loser boyfriends.  But, somehow, despite our best intentions, we never use that gym membership, our resume never gets updated and we don't break up with that jerk. ... Continue Reading →


When Sleep is Your Only Solace

  There are times when life is so hectic...insane...miserable...unbearable, that the only time you find relief is when you are sleeping.  It's that moment, just before you go to bed, that is the moment of pure bliss. You anticipate how great sleep will feel. You put your hair up, wash your face, brush your teeth.... Continue Reading →

No one is Youer than You! 

   Sometimes it's easy to look at someone else's life and be a bit envious. We may read their Facebook posts about what they're doing or see their Instagram posts and feel like their lives are so much better than ours.  But we have to remember that what we see on social media isn't an... Continue Reading →

A Moment of Silence 

   I live a life where people talk to me, at me, and around me on a daily basis. I work with people that talk just to hear themselves talk. That ask questions they can easily get the answers to on their own. That continue to talk even when I put in my Bluetooth headphones.... Continue Reading →

Pills & Potions

If only pills were filled with glitter. If only taking two would make it all better. If only they would take away the pain, emptiness, despair and replace these tragedies with love, peace and tranquility. I would take them all. And I would see my heart mended and all pain erased forever.

We Are Strong!

Women are strong. We carry the world on our shoulders, literally. We birth children. We take care of those children. We work jobs. We take care of business on those jobs. We love men. We give everything to those men. As women, we juggle marriage, motherhood, college, careers, and everything else. But in all of... Continue Reading →

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