Why I Chose to Take a Break From Social Media

I like social media.  Like most people, I check my feeds several times a day. And, I often find myself scrolling, looking at pictures, watching videos and reading posts for longer than I intended.  I use social media to keep up with my friends and family, to read about the latest gossip, to keep up... Continue Reading →


My Current 3 Fave Beauty Snapchats to Follow

The only thing that is difficult about Snapchat is knowing who to follow.  Unlike Instagram, there aren’t any ways to explore in order to find pages that you might be interested in. Also, once you add a friend, there aren’t any drop down menus with suggestions of other people to friend. So, it’s pretty much... Continue Reading →

My Obsession With Snapchat

Snapchat has become my new favorite social media platform. When it first came out, the purpose was to send messages discreetly.  I wasn't a fan, as I didn't really have a reason to send secret messages that vanished after viewing. However, Snapchat has since become the new "it thing" in social media.  Especially since Instagram has... Continue Reading →


Everyone is in the business of making money, and we're always for a woman that's focused on building her brand.  So, is it any wonder that Amber Rose jumped on the emoji bandwagon after the success of Kim Kardashian's Kimoji? While we opted not to try Kimoji, we did download Muvamoji the day it came... Continue Reading →

Who’s Really Winning?

This is a rant. After scrolling through Instagram while waiting for 'Empire' to come on, I couldn't help but notice the plethora of posts about women sharing men.  For example, Fetty Wapp is dating Alexis Sky, however, he just had a baby with Masika Kalysha.  Amina Buddafly is posting pictures of her growing baby bump... Continue Reading →

The Price of Fame?

Prior to yesterday, a lot of people didn't even know her name.  Sure, her Instagram page was certified.  Sure, she had a 1.8m followers.  Sure, she was rumored to be dating PND and then Kyrie Irving.  Sure, she was in a group called Poplyfe that came in 4th place on America's Got Talent Season Six.... Continue Reading →

How to Handle Getting Unfollowed, etc. 

That's about all there is to it. I know that a lot of people have apps that alert them to when someone starts following them, stops following them, likes their posts, comments, etc.  And while I think these apps serve a purpose, I personally believe that it's a complete an utter waste of time to... Continue Reading →

My Life Will Not be Televised 

   Social media has brainwashed us. It has tricked us into believing that we need to share every detail of our lives with the world. That everything we eat should be snapchatted, everywhere we go should be instagramed, every thing we think should be tweeted, and that a full synopsis of our lives should be... Continue Reading →

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