Begin Your Day With Lemon Water

When you wake up in the morning, the best way to begin your day, is not with a cup of coffee, but with a large glass of lemon water.  Here's why: Lemon may be acidic, but it helps to balance your body by stabilizing the amount of acid you produce, which is good for weight... Continue Reading →


The Best and Worst of Being Vegan

It was almost a month ago that I decided to go vegan. It wasn't a gradual shift, such as eliminating beef, cutting out dairy, or doing a Meatless Monday.  Nope.  I dove into veganism head first. I immediately gave up eating all animal products. No meat, dairy, eggs or honey.  And, for the most part,... Continue Reading →

Nice Cream Dreams

One of the best things about being vegan is enjoying ice cream for breakfast. But, this isn't the typical ice cream. This is more like nice cream, because it's so good to your body. I especially love it because it is so easy to make and requires so few ingredients. Below are my current favorite... Continue Reading →

Healing Your Body With Plants

My plan was to shop, go on vacation and catch back up on this blogging thing during my month off.  Instead, I've spent the past four weeks sick with pneumonia and a sinus infection.  Needless to say, it has been rough.   But this entire ordeal has helped me to see how out of sync my... Continue Reading →

Vegan Dreams

I have this intense desire to go vegan.  I always have.  I was vegan for about six months in college.  I've always wanted to go back.  Something inside keeps pulling me back to these healing foods. To cut out all meat, dairy, starches, etc. from my diet, and to eat natural, organic fruits, vegetables and... Continue Reading →

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